No Pants Allowed

I wore a dress to work on Monday and decided that I’d wear only dresses and skirts all week.  It wasn’t exactly a revolutionary idea, but it was a bit of a challenge to shun my favorite go-to outfits, which all include pants of some sort.  Between witnessing the Braves’ final loss of the season on Wednesday night and letting loose at a bachelorette party on Thursday night, I fell behind on posting outfit pics.  Saturday mornings were made for playing catch up, right?

Wednesday: Work

Thrifted blouse (Banana Republic), thrifted skirt (Ann Taylor), necklace from American Eagle, shoes from Marshalls (Nine West)

Wednesday: Play

tank top from Gap, hoodie from Target, skirt from Old Navy, boots from Marshalls, necklace from American Eagle and earrings are Towne & Reese from Heliotrope

Thursday: Work

cardigan from Boogaloos boutique, blouse from Target, skirt from Fab'rik, shoes from Marshalls (Nine West)

I was a very bad blogger and forgot to take a picture of my work outfit on Thursday.  I basically wore the outfit above, except the color of the blouse was grey instead of hot pink.  I bought the grey version of the blouse way back in March when it went on clearance at Target specifically to wear with this skirt when the season changed.  It’s good to think ahead.

Thursday: Play

Dress from Fab'rik

Again, I was a bad blogger and failed to get a full length shot of the dress I wore for the bachelorette party.  I blame it on the alcohol.  This pic will have to serve as proof that I did indeed wear a dress.


shirt is Banana Republic (bought at the outlet), skirt is Madewell, necklace is from Heliotrope, belt is from Old Navy, shoes are from Target

And that brings us to the conclusion of Dress Fest 2011!    I’m off to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather in a pair of my favorite jeans.  Have a wonderful weekend, friends!