30 for 30 Remix: Outfit #21

I literally forgot that I owned this shirt.  I’m pretty sure I bought it at Ross for less than $10 about five years ago, and I’m fairly certain that this is the second time it has been worn.  It may not be super clear in the picture, but it has small pleats across the chest, which is why I picked it up in the first place.  It usually takes some sort of feminine detail to get me to buy a button down shirt.

shirt from Ross, skirt from Fab'rik, shoes from Marshalls

I’m really surprised that this shirt didn’t ended up in the donation bag a long time ago, as I never ever wore it.  It must have been hiding in the deep recesses of my closet just waiting for the perfect time to make itself useful.  Turns out that time is now, during my 30 for 30 Remix!  Rediscovering clothes is just as fun as shopping!  Well, sorta… 🙂


Friday Night (Outfit #20)

I’ve seen a lot of style bloggers wear a dress as a blouse with a skirt and wanted to see if I could pull it off.  Plus I was ready to get out of that stupid green shirt.  Here’s what I came up with for a Friday night outing:

dress from Fab'rik, belt from H&M, skirt from Madewell, shoes from Kohls, earrings & cuff from Heliotrope

Overall, I liked the look of this outfit, but it wasn’t exactly low maintenance; I had to keep tucking the dress in all night.  I’m not a huge fan of outfits that require a lot of fuss.  It might have held together better if the belt was thin enough to go through the belt loops on the skirt, so perhaps I’ll give it another shot sometime with a different belt.

I don’t have any other outfits to share from the weekend, as I pretty much lived in my Heliotrope duds (a special Heliotrope tee shirt and shorts, which I didn’t count in my Remix), and I ended up re-wearing a remix challenge outfit (this one) for Saturday night shenanigans.  I’m ready to start my last week of this remix!   Can you believe that July is almost over?  Just one more blazing hot month to survive!

What did you guys do this weekend?  I saw that there was a festival on Ponce… did you brave the heat to attend?

30 for 30: Outfit #11

You may have noticed that I’ve changed up the look of this blog… again.  I’ve decided that less is more when it comes to background and color scheme, but I also selected this wordpress theme because it comes with the RSS feed icon (it’s up in the top left corner).  Now you can subscribe to Atlanta Native, if your heart desires, and not depend on me shamelessly linking all of my new posts on Facebook.  No pressure, but it’s there…

And now on to the outfit du jour!  Atlanta sure has been living up to that unpopular nickname, “HOTlanta”, these days.  I’m anxiously awaiting a break in this sweltering heat wave, and I survived the high temps and humidity today by wearing an airy dress.  I bought this particular dress several years ago at Marshalls or TJMaxx for less than $20.  It sat in my closet unworn for a long time, but I’ve finally started getting some use out of it.

I didn’t have time to get creative with my self portraits this morning, and ended up not capturing the jewelry very well in the full length shots.  I depend on accessories to “make” a lot of my outfits, so I wanted to give them their fair share of the spotlight.  In order to do so, I had to improvise and use good ol’ Photobooth on my Mac today at work.  Here’s a lame picture of me hanging out in my cubicle at work:

I received the braclets as a Christmas gift, and they just so happen to pair perfectly with a necklace I bought at Fab'rik.

There you have it, folks.  Another outfit down, 19 to go!

30 for 30 Remix: Outfit #10!

I’m a third of the way through my challenge, y’all!  So far so good, though it is proving to be more of a challenge than I anticipated.  I am definitely catching on to what my closet is lacking, and I cannot wait for August to get here so that I can do a little shopping!

Way back in February, my favorite boutique, Fab’rik, posted this on their facebook wall:

I loved the skirt immediately!  I was so drawn to the color, pattern, cut, and the fact that this baby has pockets (!), that I simply had to have it.  I stopped by on my way home that same day, and I took that skirt right off the mannequin (it was the last one!).  Now, I don’t usually shop at Fab’rik unless there is a sale.  It’s not a very expensive boutique – everything except the denim is priced under $100, which is pretty reasonable compared to other boutiques – but I do my best to pay full price as little as possible.  If memory serves, the skirt cost around $60.  I considered getting the top, but it was also $60, and I wasn’t about to drop $120 on one outfit.  Plus, the mixing of patterns was a little style advanced for me and I wasn’t sure I would be brave enough to rock it.

Since it was still freezing outside, I stashed the skirt in my closet and kept my eyes open for a top.  A little while later, I came across a hot pink blouse at Target for only $20 and snapped it up.  I think they make a nice pair, no?

top from Target, necklace from Old Navy, skirt from Fab'rik, shoes from Marshalls

The black cardigan (from Booglaloos) came with me to the office in case the A/C was crankin'.

I’ve only worn the skirt a handful of times, and always with that hot pink top.  I don’t think there is anything else in my 30 for 30 collection to pair it with, or even in my closet at large… but I could be wrong.  I’ll try a few things and report back.  I will definitely be on the look out for tops to wear with it when I go shopping, as I would love to transition the skirt into my fall wardrobe.

30 for 30: Outfit #7

In celebration of Friday, I decided to wear the brightest colored shirt in my possession.  It’s another item that was recently rescued from the Goodwill pile, and I believe it will find its way back into the donation bag soon.  I thought I might be able to pull it off with the slight tan I’m rocking these days, and maybe add some interest with a belt, but a photo doesn’t lie: bright apple green isn’t my color.  The belt didn’t play out exactly as I’d imagined either, but I didn’t realize it until I saw the pictures (after wearing it all day at work).  I guess Cher Horowitz knew what she was talking about after all…

tee shirt from Target, jeans from J. Crew outlet, belt from H&M, shoes from Anthropologie

Seven days into this challenge and I’ve already put together two outfits I’ve been less than thrilled about.  It kind of makes me want to go shopping… but I will hold out, because this whole process is about figuring out what my closet is lacking, what needs to be removed from my wardrobe for good, and challenging myself to be a little creative with what I have on hand (a.k.a. save moo-la).  I didn’t make any promises that any of it would be fashion magazine worthy (a girl could only dream…), but I do have some outfits in mind for the coming weeks that should be more pleasing to the eye.

Got any big plans for the weekend?  It’s going to be a pretty chill one for me, which I’m totally cool with after all the hubbub of last weekend.  Maybe I can finally clean out those planters I’m posing next to above and put something pretty in them!  See y’all next week with more outfits, and maybe even a non-clothing related post thrown into the mix.  🙂

Outfit #5

I bought this Madewell cami and Anthropologie cardigan around the same time about two years ago, and starting wearing them together immediately.  Until recently, I wore the cardigan loose.  It took me a while to catch onto the whole “belt over cardigan” trend, but I’m fully on the wagon these days.  A belt doesn’t have to be through pant loops to hold things together!

Cardigan from Anthropologie, cami from Madewell, necklace from Urban Outfitters, belt from H&M, jeggings from Target, shoes from Anthropologie

A closer look at the top ensemble...

I love a pop of yellow! This necklace is a staple for my summer wardrobe. Expect to see it a lot.

Schuler & Sons Philadelphia shoes purchased at Anthroplogie on sale a couple years ago. They have the perfect heel hight (in my opinion) and are super comfortable!

Did I mention that my “jeggings” are from Target and only cost $15 on sale?  They are probably the best clothing purchase I’ve made in a long time.  I love the dark wash, which has held up remarkably well over the last few months with frequent washing.  Hopefully Target will still carry them when I wear these out!

Outfit #4

Today I paired a button down vest that has a rather short back with a zipper front skirt that has a high waist in the back.  I’d never thought to put these two things together before, but my recent revelation that shrunken shirts simply need to be introduced to high-waisted skirts opened my eyes.  I like the results!

The vest and skirt are both from Fab'rik. Belt is by Betsy Johnson and shoes are Nine West, both purchased at Marshalls. Bracelets were gifted.

I love the high waist of the skirt!

Ruffled black, white and grey vest with black zipper front skirt and jeweled Betsey Johnson belt. Yep, those are pockets!

I bought this skirt without a clue as to what I would wear with it.  I was a sucker for the details; the zipper, ruching, and high waist all make for a less than boring pencil skirt. I bought it well over a year ago and this is its 2nd (maybe 3rd) time out of the closet.  I believe I wore it with a white button up last time… this whole 30 for 30 challenge is certainly encouraging a little creativity in my wardrobe choices, while getting me to iron and wear things I already own.  Good stuff all around, I say!  What can I come up with for tomorrow…?

2 for 1 Special!

I hope all of you had an enjoyable (and safe) 4th of July weekend!  I had my fair share of fun that included family, friends, food (and drinks) and, of course, fireworks.  The BF and I did a bit of traveling, which means I had to pack a bag.  It was a task made easier by having only 30 items to choose from.  Both destinations were very laid back, so I tossed a couple of comfy dresses, some shorts and a top, and a bathing suit or two into a bag and off we went!

July 2nd at Sugar Falls (BF’s family cabin in Anniston, AL)

Top from Ann Taylor Loft, shorts from Express, necklace from American Eagle.

Before I go any further, I have to admit that I cheated on only day 2 of this challenge; I forgot to include flippy floppies in my shoe selection.  Doh!  Flip flops are pretty essential during the summer, so I am officially swapping out the yellow sandals in my original line up for the pair of Reefs that are pictured above.

July 3rd (and 4th…) – At Cleveland House at Lake Seed

dress from Fab'rik, necklace from Urban Outfitters, shoes from Kohls (Aerosoles)

Since a vast majority of Sunday was spent in a bathing suit, I only got to wear this outfit for a couple of hours that evening.  My plans for Monday included sitting in a car followed by vegging out in front of a TV, so this super comfy dress made a repeat appearance.  Not to worry, though, because I still plan on putting together 30 different outfits; I’ll just finish on the 31st instead of the 30th.

I love the colors and pattern on this dress.  I bought it way back in February when all the spring/summer merchandise starting hitting the stores and couldn’t wait for the weather to warm up so that I could wear it!  I’ve got some ideas for restyling this baby for future outfits, so be on the look out.

Three outfits down, 27 to go!  I’m looking forward to an abbreviated work week and playing in my closet.  Until next time…

Happy July!

Today is July 1st, which means half of 2011 is behind us, a long holiday weekend is ahead of us, and my first 30 for 30 remix challenge starts now!  Let’s jump right into outfit numero uno, shall we?

The whole shebang: earrings from Heliotrope, necklace from Ann Taylor outlet, top from Fab'rik (Tulle), belt from Spain, skirt from Madewell, shoes from Kohls (Aerosoles 2)

I bought this belt at a train station in Seville, Spain almost 2 years ago… and if memory serves me right, this is the first time I’ve actually worn it.

Both the top and the skirt were slated to be donated soon.  The top shrunk after wearing it once (plus it had an awkward tie-back originally), and the skirt hung out in my closet for a long time, hardly ever worn.  A couple of weeks ago, I went rummaging through my donation bag and had the bright idea to try the top with a pair of pants or skirt with a relatively high waist so that I could tuck it in.  A few snips with the scissors to get rid of the tie-backs and – voila! – a new outfit was born.  Good thing it takes me a while to get my donation pile to Goodwill!  I’m pretty pleased with it; it’s super comfortable (way better than wearing pants on a hot summer day in Atlanta), the skirt is just long enough to get away with wearing to my casual office, and it’s got pockets!  I love me some skirts (and dresses) with pockets… what do you think?

I hope you all have a super fun and safe holiday weekend!  Be careful with those fireworks – I don’t want to see your bottle rocket prank gone wrong show up on truTV.  I’m heading out of town tonight and I plan to completely unplug, meaning no blogging over the weekend.  But I will be snapping outfit photos to post on Monday or Tuesday, so check back next week!

The Goods

Only 2 more days until I start my first 30 for 30 Remix challenge!  Tonight I raided my closet in preparation, and came up with exactly 30 items that will define my style in July.  It wasn’t very difficult, surprisingly.  I may not produce super exciting ensembles everyday, mind you, but I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll make it to the end.  Here’s a sneak peek of the goods:

3 dresses, 3 skirts, 3 pairs of pants, 1 pair of shorts, 5 short sleeved tops, 5 sleeveless tops, 2 button down shirts, and 3 cardigans (one is not pictured), for a total of 25 items.

Add 5 pairs of (grimy lookin’) shoes, and I’ve got 30 items from my closet to mix and match into 30 different outfits.

A shoe purchase (or two) may be a legitimate need come August, not just a “want”.  I’m shocked that I hadn’t realized before now just how how small and worn my shoe collection is.  But I cannot think about that now; I’ve got to work with what I’ve got for the time being!