A Skirt With Pockets

After a year of blogging on Atlanta Native (the first few months were on blogger before I moved here to wordpess), I’ve started a new blogging journey.  See, when I first had the idea to start a blog, I didn’t know exactly what direction it would go in.  I figured I’d write about whatever I fancied and a general theme would emerge.  While I have succeeded in discovering what I enjoy writing about, I am afraid that the title “Atlanta Native” doesn’t quite fit anymore.  So, I’ve moved back to blogger and started fresh.  You can now find me here:

A Skirt With Pockets


While I’ve never considered myself fashionable enough to dub myself a “fashion blogger,” I am fascinated with fashion and view my style as ever evolving.  Challenging myself to the 30 for 30 Remix this past summer made me view my wardrobe and my budget in a whole new way, and you may have noticed from recent posts that I’ve become slightly obsessed with thrift shopping.  Basically I really like playing with clothes, but going on extravagant shopping sprees simply isn’t one of my top financial priorities; I’d rather save for vacations and my future than for designer duds.  I’m on a mission to strike that balance of loving my wardrobe and growing a healthy savings account.  So from here on out, you can follow my style progress on a budget at A Skirt With Pockets!  I hope you’ll visit!


I promise to post waaaaay more frequently than I have here.  I’ve already made it 5 straight days of posts!


About atlantanative

I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

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