A Dress Fit for Strutin’!

Dress - The Lucky Exchange, Necklace - Clothing Swap (FREE!), Belt - H&M, Shoes - Target (4 years ago)

I’ve been waiting for the perfect fall day to wear this dress, and today absolutely fits the bill.  With temps in the mid-70’s and the sun shining, I can get away with short sleeves and bare legs.  It’s quite dreamy.

I found this dress at The Lucky Exchange when I spent an entire Wednesday thrift shopping a few weeks ago.  It was originally $24, but the Scoutmob deal slashed the grand total to $12!  I have no idea what brand it is, as the tag has been cut out; maybe it’s vintage?  The colors and pattern whispered “autumn” in my ear and I swooned.  Thankfully it fit me perfectly.  Score!

I’m about to head to the East Atlanta Strut for the afternoon.  Palookaville, my favorite corndog food truck, is finally out of hibernation, so you can find me waiting in line if you happen to be at the festival.

Enjoy this beautiful day!


About atlantanative

I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

3 responses to “A Dress Fit for Strutin’!

  1. This is such a nice combo! Love the orangey leather belt on that blue.
    Also, I just noticed I’m on your blog roll – thank you! 🙂

  2. Love the dress! I’m totally ashamed to admit that I have NEVER been to the Lucky Exchange or the East Atlanta Strut. Eep! I need to change that!

  3. love the print and those shoes are darling! 🙂

    xo jeanette

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