Double Dose

Happy hump day, y’all!  This week is going by so quickly for me.  Only 3 more days left in my 30 for 30 challenge, and I need to get up to speed with yesterday’s and today’s outfit.  Here’s what I wore yesterday (Outfit #22):

I wanted to tuck the shirt in, but the pants are weird in that they do not have belt loops.  A tucked in shirt without a belt just doesn’t do it for me.  A great pair of slacks (with belt loops) is on my wish list for my August shopping trip.

And here’s what I’m wearing today (Outfit #23):

I had some trouble capturing my entire body this morning, but this is all about the clothes anyway, right?  I dig the yellow necklace with the hot pink blouse, and this was the first time I ever thought to wear them together.

Well, now that we’re all caught up, I’m off to enjoy an evening of free food and an outdoor screening of my favorite movie of all time, Singin’ in the Rain, courtesy of my awesome company.   Have a wonderful evening!


About atlantanative

I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

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