Still Remixing…

In theory, this should be my 19th outfit posting of this 30 for 30 Remix.  I started on July 1st with the intention of remixing 30 articles of clothing over the course of 30 days, resulting in 30 different outfits.  But here it is, the 19th of July, and I’m only on outfit #16… here it is, by the way:

top from Ann Taylor Loft, pants from The Gap, shoes from Marshalls (Nine West)

How do I account for the 3 missing outfits?  It boils down to weekend laziness.  See, I don’t always feel like “outfitting myself” when I don’t have anything going on other than running a few errands and watching hours upon hours of The Wire (the BF and I are on season 2 – so good!)  Besides, throwing on a comfy dress is the most appealing option on a sweltering July afternoon in Atlanta, and there are only 2 such dresses on my 30 for 30 roster.

So, I’ve re-worn those 2 dresses a couple of times… and I didn’t accessorize, so I cannot even pretend that they’re “different” outfits.  I don’t feel too badly about this because I still haven’t strayed from my original 30 items, even though the other half of my closet is looking mighty good these days.

I’m going to finish this challenge on schedule (July 30th), likely without 30 different outfits posted.  I may be able to squeeze in an extra outfit or two if I need an after-work ensemble to help pick up the slack.  We shall see.  In the end, I will have stuck to my original items, spent zero dollars on clothes, have a well-formed shopping list, and a host of outfit ideas for the rest of my closet.  As long as I can achieve those points, I’ll consider this experiment a success!


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I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

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