Whoa-oooh! We’re Half Way There…

Half way through my 30 for 30 Remix, that is!  Outfit #15 was made possible by the slight dip in temperature we’re experiencing this weekend.  It’s amazing how nice 82 degrees feels after a week of triple digit heat indexes.  There is no way I would be wearing jeans on a Saturday if it were any warmer, but I wore this outfit this afternoon while running errands and didn’t even break a sweat!

I wore this shirt with my Madewell blue skirt in outfit #1.  I mentioned that it shrunk in the dryer a little bit, but a long cardigan keeps me covered up.  I considered throwing on a coral colored summer scarf, but that would have been overkill, and definitely would have encouraged perspiration.  I am very much looking forward to cooler temps so that I can play with layering; I love scarves!

That’s all for now… I hope y’all are enjoying a lovely weekend!


About atlantanative

I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

One response to “Whoa-oooh! We’re Half Way There…

  1. Isn’t this weather marvelous?! I can hardly believe we are in Atlanta – in July! I love the color of your cardi! I’m always so inspired by bloggers that do the 30 for 30. Cath and I have yet to try it.
    p.s. When and where are you guys doing your clothing swap? I just donated a bunch of stuff to Rag-o-rama and Good Will, but with enough time, I’m up for getting rid of more. If emailing is easier: asiancajuns @ gmail.com 😉

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