30 for 30 Remix: Outfit #10!

I’m a third of the way through my challenge, y’all!  So far so good, though it is proving to be more of a challenge than I anticipated.  I am definitely catching on to what my closet is lacking, and I cannot wait for August to get here so that I can do a little shopping!

Way back in February, my favorite boutique, Fab’rik, posted this on their facebook wall:

I loved the skirt immediately!  I was so drawn to the color, pattern, cut, and the fact that this baby has pockets (!), that I simply had to have it.  I stopped by on my way home that same day, and I took that skirt right off the mannequin (it was the last one!).  Now, I don’t usually shop at Fab’rik unless there is a sale.  It’s not a very expensive boutique – everything except the denim is priced under $100, which is pretty reasonable compared to other boutiques – but I do my best to pay full price as little as possible.  If memory serves, the skirt cost around $60.  I considered getting the top, but it was also $60, and I wasn’t about to drop $120 on one outfit.  Plus, the mixing of patterns was a little style advanced for me and I wasn’t sure I would be brave enough to rock it.

Since it was still freezing outside, I stashed the skirt in my closet and kept my eyes open for a top.  A little while later, I came across a hot pink blouse at Target for only $20 and snapped it up.  I think they make a nice pair, no?

top from Target, necklace from Old Navy, skirt from Fab'rik, shoes from Marshalls

The black cardigan (from Booglaloos) came with me to the office in case the A/C was crankin'.

I’ve only worn the skirt a handful of times, and always with that hot pink top.  I don’t think there is anything else in my 30 for 30 collection to pair it with, or even in my closet at large… but I could be wrong.  I’ll try a few things and report back.  I will definitely be on the look out for tops to wear with it when I go shopping, as I would love to transition the skirt into my fall wardrobe.


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I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

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