I Like Pretty Things.

I’m kind of obsessed with The Beehive.  I cannot believe I had not discovered this treasure trove until this past Saturday when I attended their 1 year anniversary party.  I love that all of the merchandise is designed by local artists!  Check out some of my faves:

I actually discovered Jessica Swift on Etsy a couple of years ago and own two of her quirky, colorful prints.  She has really grown her brand since the last time I shopped her online store, now offering coasters, notebooks, jewelry and more.  I’m a complete sucker for pretty paper products, so I’m sure her notebooks will work their way into my collection.

I’m not a huge belt buckle kind of gal, but these beauties could convert me!  I do have a pair of cowboy boots, after all. Can you tell that I’m attracted to colorful, feminine patterns?  For more on Princess & Butch, click here!

I am looking forward to springing for a pair of June Shin’s dainty earrings!  Not that they are exorbitantly expensive or anything, I’m just on a spending diet for now.  Notice the second piece is a necklace featuring Jessica Swift’s artwork… WANT!

You can mosey on over to these ladies’ etsy stores or personal websites to lust over more of their products, or swing by The Beehive.  I’m definitely not against online shopping, but I still prefer the old-fashioned shopping experience… being able to see and handle merchandise before I shell out the moo-la.  Just another reason why I’m happy The Beehive exists.


About atlantanative

I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

One response to “I Like Pretty Things.

  1. shell

    Cute I want to go to the beehive soon!

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