Atlanta Native in NYC! (Part 1)

I took a little trip to New York City earlier this month and had a great time exploring the Big Apple as an adult (I’d only previously been there on a high school trip).  The BF and I packed in a lot of NYC excitement into 3.5 day, thanks in part to the City Pass.  With grand notions of visiting a bunch of museums and going on a ton of tours (da-da-da-da-da-daaa!  Su-per tourists!!!), we shelled out $125 for 3 days of gallivanting from attraction to attraction. It did save

Lady Gaga, in case you couldnt tell.

us a few bucks in the end, and encouraged us to check out a few places I normally wouldn’t bother with.  Prime example: Madame Tussauds wax museum.  I’ll admit to being curious about this attraction while visiting other cities, but have never been willing to shell out the $35 for admission.  Since it was included in the city pass, the museum of wax celebrities was our first stop.  During our 20 minute visit, we took a few silly pictures with Lady Gaga, Ted Turner, Yao Ming, Miley Cyrus… you get the gist.  It isn’t exactly something I would recommend doing in NYC, but it was raining outside and it was “free”.

From there we left Time’s Square (hopefully for the last time in my entire life), and headed to MoMA for more indoor fun.  I love strolling through museums even though I’m not very educated in art history or artistic.  I particularly enjoyed the Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography exhibit where I saw the famous photo titled “Migrant Mother” by Dorothea Lang.  Having recently watched the movie Factory Girl, I was fascinated by the Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures exhibit, which included Edie Sedgwick’s motion picture portrait.  Museums can really wear you out though, so it was time to rest up with a nap at the hotel.

We got an absurd deal through on a hotel called Club Quarters, located directly next to the World Trade Center construction site.  It was a little eerie, and quite humbling, to look out the window and think that this time 10 years ago the two tallest buildings in Manhattan would have stood there.  Today, the new World Trade Center tower (F.K.A. Freedom Tower), which will oust the Sears Tower as the tallest building in the US, is under way.

The tolerable drizzle we dealt with the entire afternoon had upgraded to a side-ways downpour by the time we ventured out for dinner.  Luckily the weather was the only negative of the evening.  It was well worth the trek to meet up with some of my companion’s friends, who have lived in the city for a couple of years, at a quintessential Italian restaurant called Trattoria Toscana in the West Village.  Cozy atmosphere, excellent service and delicious food; exactly what you’d imagine a New York family run Italian restaurant to be!  A night cap at a nearby bar followed by hailing a taxi in the rain concluded our first day in NYC.

No umbrella was needed for day 2, which was a good thing because I’d left my umbrella in the cab the previous night (doh!).  While the BF went to stand in line for discounted Broadway tickets, I took my first solo subway ride uptown to the beautiful Time Warner towers.  I finally got to meet some of the people that I email everyday at work face to face, and fantasize about what it would be like to have an office overlooking Central Park.

The next stop was to take in the view of the city from Top of the Rock… Rockerfeller Center, that is.  I’d been to the observatory deck of the Empire State Building before, and had heard that the best views are actually seen from Top of the Rock, so that’s the vantage point we choose this time.  It was everything I expected it to be: lots of tall buildings!   It really is amazing how expansive and bustling NYC is.  Atlanta, I love you, but you simply do not compare!

The NBC Studio tour was booked up until Sunday afternoon, so we went on the Radio City Music Hall tour instead. Of course I knew about the famed Rockettes, but I didn’t know how massive and beautiful the theater is.  I was even rather impressed by the intricate hydraulic stage system that is more than 3/4 of a century old and deemed so perfect that no improvements have been needed.  But the biggest surprise for this dance nerd was getting to meet an actual Rockette!  I didn’t get to show off my kicking skills with her (stupid contract restrictions), but I did pose for this very cheesy picture. ——————->

Night #2 started off with meeting up some friends at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater for a little sketch comedy.  Comedian Leslie Meisel had us LOLing all the way through her one woman show entitled “Love Can Suck a Dick… and So Can I”.   I didn’t make that one up, people!  You should check it out if at all possible.

Dinner, several margaritas and maybe a tequilla shot later, and it was time to turn in after a long day of playing tourist in the big city.  I’ve only made it through recapping half of the trip so far, so it is probably best to make this a two part event.  Check back soon for more on my incredibly interesting trip to New York.


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I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

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