A Day in the Life…

I’m an advocate of taking a day off from time to time, a “mental health day” if you will, so I took a random Friday off of work a couple of weeks ago to pamper myself and explore a few spots in Atlanta that I’d never visited.  Even though the mercury had taken a slight dip and the sun also decided to take a day off, it turned out to be just the kind of day I needed.

First stop of the day: the Sweet Auburn Curb Market.

I’d driven by this place hundreds of times while a student at GSU, and it is definitely a spot a native to this town should be familiar with.  While perusing their website for information on the return of Urban Picnic, a gathering of food-trucks hosted outside of the market twice a month (I’m so looking forward to finally checking it out later this month!), I learned a few interesting facts about SACM .  For instance, when the market was started in 1918,  it was the geographical center of the city and was the urbanite’s connection to the freshest produce.  And in 1924, the market was upgraded from a tent operation to the current fireproof building with funds raised by the Women’s Club of Atlanta.  Pretty neat history, huh?

I normally do my  shopping at the Dekalb Farmers Market (love that place), but I only need a few things that week, so I decided to shop a little closer to home.  I entered through a cute little coffee shop, Cafe Campesino, where I enjoyed a beautiful latte and hummingbird bran muffin that was still warm from being baked fresh.  Yum!

I found what I needed at the produce stands inside the market, but I think I’ll stick to the Dekalb Farmers Market for my major shopping trips.  I am looking forward to returning for lunch at Grindhouse Burgers, one of the restaurants located in the market, and attending Urban Picnic, of course.

I had a few minutes to kill before heading to a pilates class, so I took a walk through the historic Oakland cemetery.  My guy happens to live right across the street from it, and yet this is another place that I’d never visited before.  A cemetery isn’t the first place I’d normally pick to take an afternoon stroll, but this one is rather pretty and I found it to be a tranquil spot in the middle of the city.

Aptly named Six Feet Under is a great restaurant located across the street from the Oakland cemetery, and is where I ended up taking my brother to dinner before the Hawks game later that evening.

After the pilates class, I headed back to Grant Park for a hair appointment at Lux Salon.  I’d never been to this salon before and was persuaded to try it with a scoutmob deal (half off = only $50 for highlights!) and I’ve gotta say that I was impressed with this salon.  My stylist came up with a custom plan for my gradual transition to lighter locks and I took notice of the friendly team work between the different stylists.  I had plenty of time to just sit and relax while someone played with my hair.  Then my stylist changed my life forever… she curled my hair — with a flatiron!  I didn’t even know my hair could do that!

By the time I finished with my hair appointment it was time for a few activities I’ve actually done before in Atlanta: dinner at Six Feet Under (pictured above) and a Hawks game.   I never go to a game at Philips arena without first enjoying a big-ass beer at CNN center.  32 oz of New Castle goodness for only $6!  Not bad compared to what the arena charges ($9 for a 24 oz Guinness… sheesh!)

Notice the curled tresses!

The Hawks put up a good fight, making for an enjoyable game to watch even though we lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder 111 – 104.

My day concluded with dancing at Noni’s, a fantastic little deli-by-day that turns into a bar/dance club at night in Old Fourth Ward.  Another first for this Atlanta Native, but surely not the last.  I absolutely loved the DJ’s mix of old-school hip-hop, current pop, and 80’s rock, and the unpretentious atmosphere.  Go on a Friday or Saturday night, but be aware that the party doesn’t get going until after midnight.

A pretty eventful yet relaxing day, all in all.  What do you do to recharge on days off?  Sleep in?  Catch up with super productivity?  I think I’ll make it a habit to try new things around Atlanta on future “mental-health” days, and I highly recommend that you get out an explore as well.  🙂


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I live and play in Atlanta. Sometimes I like to write about my experiences and things that inspire me.

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